Charitable action for children

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On International children's day LLC "RUBIKOM enterprise" in cooperation with the Regional Society of German minority "Wiedergeburt" and with firm "Atrium" arranged a holiday for forty inmates of Pavlodar boarding schools, children's homes, orphanages.


The holiday lasted 4 hours. It was full with lively songs and dances organized by the club of German youth "Lenz" ("Spring"), there were contests, presents, fakir performance, tasteful food, much joy and laughter there.

Children enjoyed the time they spent in "Robinson" leisure centre. Entertained with clowns they rollicked, ran, jumped on trampolines, swings and chutes were completely for their disposal. Elder children got acquainted with youth of the centre.


President of the Society of German minority "Wiedergeburt", Vyacheslav Ruf, congratulated children on this day and said:

- Dear children, you are still at threshold of perceiving this beautiful and bright world to know much new and interesting. I wish you the best, happiness, and health. Let it be that each of you could find himself in this world and get over any difficulties and we, adults, will help you!


Congratulations from the director of LLC "RUBIKOM enterprise":

- On International children's day adults discern much more in word "childhood" in many points of view. All of us go through this period. These pretty children that have come today to our holiday soon will be the citizens of our country. And what we give them today will strongly influence on their future. So, now we must do our best to make them believe in their potential helping to discover their talents. Our company has never been indifferent to the people of our town and to their needs.