To be free from suppliers and fully answer for quality of its goods LLC "RubiKOM" produces its own fodders. In 2004 the company set its foot on a new sector - field-husbandry. At present time, LLC "RubiKOM" cultivates 20 thousand hectares and has become an innovator in field-husbandry sector in Kazakhstan. We grow barley ("Tselinnyi 91") and wheat ("Saratovskaia") for grain forage.

To use intensively a plot of arable land there was worked out a unique scientifically well-grounded strategy. This Canadian revolutionary technology so called "zero technology" recently adopted by Kazakhstan farmers was significantly improved by LLC "RubiKOM" specialists for soil cultivation; as a result it allowed good yielding.

The work of LLC "RubiKOM" field crop growers is of high interest to scientists. Field crop growers contracted with the agricultural research institute named after Baraiev. So, with joint efforts many research works are carried out for optimal selection of cereals that suit for "zero" and minimal soil cultivation technology. Crop rotation is developed considering relevant fallow crops resistant to drought (as maize, beans); also agro technical tests are performed.

Achievements of LLC "RubiKOM" were marked out at republican level. In august 2007 on the basis of LLC "RubiKOM" fields a republican seminar "Days of field" took place with participation of agricultural specialists of all grain sowing regions. Scientists and agronomists displayed genuine interest for the new agro technology that gives promising results.

In the future the big agro holding of Pavlodar region, LLC "RubiKOM" intends to develop its own forage reserve through use of modern technology (fertilizers, new technologies in soil treatment, complexes for storing forages and grains).

Among priorities of the company is updating agricultural fleet through purchasing modern efficient equipment as forage-, combine harvesters and tractors with high capacity from well known world manufacturers.