LLC "RubiKOM" livestock complex is one of the biggest complexes on the territory of Pavlodar region with the total number of 12 thousand swine. Production facilities are situated on the area of Pavlodarskaia village. The complex has equipment from leading European manufacturers.

All the works is conducted with application of the latest engineering designs in livestock sector; with checking climate-control, with automatic swine feeding and watering system from the German company "Howema", with high-tech ventilation and microclimate system, with caisson dung removal system. There are also strict requirements to prevent animal diseases.

Animals with such good environment can better digest feed and grow faster and livestock head safety amounts to 90-95%. The whole swine-breeding complex is provided with mixed feed of its own production. The feed is balanced in terms of energy, protein, microelements, and other components. Thus, we can continuously improve feeding methods, optimize compounding, and introduce new components to increase productivity.

Besides, the livestock complex continues to carry out intentional selective works. In 2003 Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan certified the livestock complex and according to the results of the certification the farm obtained pedigree stock status for breeding big white swine. The first of livestock heads were delivered from the best Russian Federation farms. This breed had good reputation in different counties of the world known for its breeding intensity, farrowing quality and acclimatization to local conditions.

On results of crossbreeding we tested different alternatives. Careful analysis showed that the best results were obtained with big white breed in maternal line. Hybrids of this selective work exceed paternal breeds on all characteristics.

Sows of big white breed in our complex have the following productivity characteristics:

  • fertility - 11.1%
  • milk yield - 56 kg
  • piglets preservation - 98%

Our complex continuously sells pedigree youngsters. We surely instruct our customers on how to handle the breed, how to feed and maintain as we value our reputation.