In order to deliver its products in fresh and save all its original quality "Rubikom" management decided to set up its own trade shops. Today, it is represented by two supermarkets, six special shops and brand sales vans. Sales vans are mobile shops with special built-in cold storages.

Deliveries of goods to trade outlets are carried out every day without storing or keeping stock in trade.

Our shops are not inferior to European ones in terms of meat and milk assortment and of convenience in use. Besides, every day "Rubikom" supermarkets offer the tastiest baked goods piping hot. Fresh and hot buns and bread directly from our bakeries get to the customers' tables immediately for the bakeries are situated in the supermarkets itselves.

Due to the good work of our dealers, that have been keeping partnership relations with us several years, we provide continuously such towns as Ekibastuz, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semipalatinsk and Karaganda with our products.

Also, our trade office functions fruitfully in Astana where product delivery system runs without interruption.

A high level of our reputation and confidence in products quality of "Rubikom" trade mark makes it easy for us to get into other markets.