Animal breeding
The cattle-breeding complex of Enterprise RUBIKOM LLP has the status of a breeding farm and is considered one of the largest in the Pavlodar region. It has about 60 thousand one-time pigs and a design capacity of 112,000 heads per year. Production facilities are located on the territory of the village of Pavlodar and Chernoyarsk rural district. Production facilities have equipment from leading European manufacturers. A modern automatic feeding and watering system for pigs was introduced. A high-tech ventilation and microclimate system, as well as the caisson dung removal system, are used. We use a three-breed crossing of Landrace, Large White, Duroc breeds. Strict selection of breeds according to the quality and health of animal breeds in addition to the latest technology and proper feeding makes it possible to use the genetic potential of animals by 100%. Today, the RUBIKOM pig farm provides most of the farms in the region with breeding material. Ecology is a very important factor in the operation of the livestock complex! We have a non-waste production. Animal waste products are processed in special workshops, after which they are kept for six months in the lagoons and applied to the fields as fertilizer. Thus, thanks to the use of the latest developments in the field of animal breeding, our company has become a leading enterprise in the industry with advanced equipment, which is unique in Kazakhstan.