Arable farming
Enterprise RUBIKOM LLP produces its own feed and is not dependent on suppliers. Therefore, we are fully responsible for branded products on our shelves. In 2004, the company discovers a new branch of production - arable farming. Since then, we have been growing barley and wheat for fodder. Cultivation areas are located in favorable and ecologically clean regions of Pavlodar region: Kachirsky and Shcherbakty. Today, Enterprise RUBIKOM LLP cultivates over 20 thousand hectares of land. Our immediate task is Innovation in arable farming. In order to get high yields annually, the company's specialists modernized the technology of tillage, previously borrowed from the Canadians. Scientists are also interested in the work of field farmers of RUBIKOM LLP. A cooperation agreement with the Research Institute of Agriculture named after Barayev was signed, according to which research is being conducted on the optimal selection of varieties of cereal crops. Looking ahead, we want to assure our partners and customers that we never rest on our laurels. In the future, we plan to develop our own food base and introducing modern technologies and personal innovation.