Compound feed mill
In December 2008, the company launched a compound feed mill, which is located in the village of Zhanaul. The project was carried out by Trilis specialists together with the Chinese company Muyang. The plant has highly efficient equipment: grain dryer, grain elevator, warehouses of raw materials and finished products. The volume of one-time storage exceeds 9 thousand tons. The compound feed mill is a developed complex equipped with advanced computer control, which allows eliminating eliminate human errors completely. The main products of the plant are the complete feed of the highest standard for all types of farm animals, poultry and fish of any age. Compound feed is produced in loose form and in the form of granules, which guarantee the integrity of all protein-vitamin-mineral supplements. The plant production capacity is 20 tons/hour. The range is practically unlimited. The company produces both standard complete feed and feed according to its own recipes. The plant is interested in expanding the market for products. Our customers can buy complete feeds according to an individual recipe, using any components, without doubting the effectiveness of feeds purchased.