Все на "Веселые старты"
В этом году ТОО предприятие «Рубиком» отметило свой 28-й день рождения. В рамках этого знаменательного события для сотрудников компании из разных подразделений проведено семейное спортивное мероприятие «Весёлые старты». На протяжении двух часов команды боролись за главный приз, проявляя свои спортивные навыки и стремление к победе.
Санитария и гигиена - фундамент "РУБИКОМА"
Важнейшим условием выпуска качественных мясных и колбасных изделий является неукоснительное выполнение установленных санитарно­-дезинфицирующих правил на мясоперерабатывающем комбинате. За
чистоту и порядок на производстве отвечают сотрудники санитарно­-дезинфицирующего участка (СДУ).
Немецкое качество - залог здоровья животных
Комбикормовый завод и элеватор посетила немецкая делегация, которая представляла компанию «MIAVIT» по производству и поставке премиксов, кормов и кормовых добавок для животных. На протяжении трех дней немецкая делегация совместно с директорами комбикормового завода и животноводческого комплекса изучали качество изготавливаемой продукции, сырья и зерна для комбикорма разновозрастных свиней. Животноводческий комплекс и комбикормовый завод являются фундаментом предприятия «Рубиком».
Продукция компании "РУБИКОМ" получила золотую медаль
Компания «РУБИКОМ» получила золотую медаль на международном конкурсе качества пищевой продукции "Гарантия качества - 2022", который проходил в Москве 10 ноября и был приурочен ко дню качества.
География поставок продукции мясной и молочной компаний постоянно растёт. На этот раз новой точкой на карте для предприятий «Рубиком» и «МолКОМ» стали города Актау и Атырау. Теперь жители западного региона могут приобретать качественную мясную и молочную продукцию от лучших павлодарских производителей.
Два крупных предприятия региона – «Рубиком» и «МолКОМ-Павлодар» посетил бизнесмен из Китая господин Ма Шен. В рамках встречи стороны обсудили условия возможного сотрудничества по поставке колбасной и молочной продукции в Китай.
Поздравляем с победой!
Осенью были подведены результаты конкурса "Авангард немцев Казахстана - 2022"! По результатам проведенного голосования конкурса «Авангард немцев Казахстана» в номинации «Меценатство» победил — учредитель ТОО предприятия "РУБИКОМ" Руф Вячеслав Андреевич!
Rubikom Congratulated Children with Knowledge Day
Bright stationery sets for children for the full school year are another reason for the joy of both elder and the youngest boys and girls. Children looked at Rubikom’s gifts with great pleasure and promised to fill out notebooks and diaries with good and excellent marks.
Rubikom is for Sports
Nowadays football club “Leninskiy” is even more determined to succeed. It was established in 2015. Today it is a friendly, close-knit team of true professionals.
Rubikom Took on the Role of the Main Sponsor of the Children’s Drawing Competition
Children’s works turned out to be very touching and profound. Each drawing was filled with love and feelings for the planet and the world around. Despite the fact that all drawings were interesting and colorful, the members of the competition committee had chosen six winners under two age notions from among six orphanages of the region.
Laying Out a Park in Ymit Apa Village
At Rubikom, activities for improvement of environment, greenery and landscaping of settlements assume high importance. This time, the company specialists went to Ymit Apa village, where it was necessary to expand the territory of Obelisk of Glory and beautify it with green spaces.
Rubikom Gave a Holiday to Children
Even a thick weather is not an obstacle for real fun. Children’s Day in Pavlodar region was celebrated in a cheerful and friendly way, and Rubikom took on the role of the main sponsor of the holiday and presents for Leninskiy settlement, Michurino and Pavlodarskoye villages.
Response to the Complaint in the Telegram Channel
The video posted on the Telegram channel shows the discharge of water, which is carried out from the meat processing plant of Rubikom Enterprise LLP (hereinafter referred to as the “MPF”) to the evaporation fields. The point of discharge is specialized, designed according to all legislative regulations. Rubikom has permits (State Environmental Expert Review and Environmental Emission Permit under No.KZ17VCY00072819 dated July 21, 2016 with a validity period of 2017-2025) for carrying out these actions.
Rubikom Congratulated Veterans and Homefront Workers on the Holiday
Maria Danilovna Kurbatova will be 99 years old this year. She was a sniper at the front. The fragile girl learned how to handle a massive rifle in a prompt manner. The enemy knew her and was afraid of her. It was she who was entrusted with the most difficult task in Czechoslovakia — to track down and eliminate a dangerous fascist sniper. He preyed on high-ranking Soviet officials. One day, a heroine from Pavlodar tracked down his firing point in the forest, spent several days in ambush position and fell short of the target.
Celebration of Nauryz in villages of Pavlodar Region
The first who celebrated the favorite spring holiday in the public association “Kamkor” were villagers of Leninskiy settlement. Thematic zones, a tea party, a musical concert and gifts were prepared for children of the age from five to eighteen in the village’s cultural centre. The event was organized with the support of the association “Civil Alliance of Pavlodar Region”. Three thematic zones have been prepared for children: pottery, music and national aul.
To Sports Tops Together
The industry leader bought the highest quality professional hockey equipment for local kids, hockey sticks and skates, and organized a friendly match. Athletes were very happy with that event. In the villages of Pavlodarskoye and Novochernoyarka more than a hundred children played hockey.
Rubikom Took on the Role of the General Sponsor of the Championship on Hunting with Hunting Birds
This time the company took on the role of the general sponsor of the national sport.
Visit to Rubikom
The main purpose of production visits is to give students a general idea of the production technology, to acquaint them with the structure of enterprises, conditions and specifics of work there.
Miracle Can Happen
We can already feel the holiday season approaching, Christmas decorations are glittering in gold and silver, windows are embellished with Christmas lights, and the air is full of aroma of tangerines and Christmas pine, flavored with a light morning frost. New Year is a time for miracles, and everyone can become a magician. On these cherished days five hundred children of Pavlodar Region received sweet gifts from the enterprise.
To the Delight of Little People
Playground has become a favorite place for rural children. New swings, horizontal bars for a small village are a real gift, thanks to which local little people now spend more time in the open air.
Go! Go! Score!
The social work of the enterprise is aimed at creating all conditions for systematic sports and physical training in rural areas. With the onset of winter in Pavlodarskoye village employees of the livestock breeding complex annually fill a hockey court for young athletes. Children at the ages from 7 to 16 go out on the ice there. All of them play in the hockey team of Nurtas club.
Happy Anniversary, Dear Partners!
The company started its journey in 2006. Nowadays it is the largest supermarket chain in Pavlodar Region.
With a New School Backpack to a Better Future
Getting ready for school is an important and interesting process. Boys and girls anxiously choose every notebook, school backpack and outfit. Unfortunately, not all parents can afford to prepare their kid for the school year and provide their child with a complete set of stationery for the entire school year. But, nevertheless, such a special day should be a holiday for all children of school age, without exception.
Fresh Meat of the Best Producer
Dear friends, we have great news for Pavlodar residents. We opened two new meat departments in supermarkets of Small at once.
In total, more than twenty specialists participated in the landscaping event. More than five hundred nursery transplants of Lombardy poplar and sixty birch were planted out on the territory of the animal feed mill, road transport shop, livestock breeding complex and meat processing plant.
Just Reward
State award has always been and remains an important element of encouragement and a sign of gratitude on behalf of a society and a state as a whole to an individual. Vyacheslav Ruf, the founder of the company of Rubikom, had provided support and assistance to the people of Kazakhstan a number of times over the years of his work, promoted development of agriculture in his native Priirtyshye, took part in development of state programs. For his longstanding contribution to the development of the country’s economy, professionalism and concern for his work, the Republican Council for Public Awards and Titles awarded Vyacheslav Andreyevich Ruf with the medal of Ұlt Kairatkeri.
Vaccination Took Place at the Company
Unfortunately, the global pandemic of the viral disease COVID-19 did not come by our employees. All those who had had the disease will definitely say how serious complications caused that disease — those were pneumonia, thrombosis, and exacerbation of all chronic diseases with a long recovery period.
Local Entrepreneurs Sent Aid to People of East Kazakhstan Region
As part of a charity event, humanitarian aid was sent to Ridder from Pavlodar. Forty large kits with the most necessary things were received by Kazakhstani, whose property was damaged by the fire. After terrible events, that happened to people of East Kazakhstan Region, two large enterprises responded to the call and sent aid to their countrymen. Such situations showed solidarity and responsiveness of empathic people and their willingness to help people selflessly.
Occupational Safety and Health Through the Eyes of a Child
It is well known, that one third of a person’s life is spent at work, therefore, the workplace environment should be organized properly. It is not only the responsibility of an employer, but also of an employee to comply with occupational safety and health requirements and ensure safe working environment in every workplace. International Labor Organization (ILO) calls on Governments, Employers’ and Employees’ Associations to organize, as part of their activities, a public awareness campaign dedicated to prevent of industrial accidents and occupational diseases.
Traditionally, Rubikom expressed gratitude to those who, not sparing their lives, defended our homeland, showed courage and selflessness, despite their young age, fought for freedom and a peaceful sky overhead. One hundred and seventy pensioners received food packages from the company. Still, the veterans themselves admit that for them now, the main thing is attention and care. The charity event covered veterans of Pavlodar city, Leninsky village, Pavlodar, and Chernoyarsk rural districts.

April 26 marks the 35th anniversary of the largest man-made accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In 1986, thousands of different specialists from all corners of the former Soviet Union were sent to eliminate the consequences of the accident, including our compatriots from Kazakhstan. Today's liquidators are a living example of courage and patriotism for current and future generations.


Every student should receive a quality education on an equal footing with all students, with pencils, notebooks, and backpacks. After all, what could be better than picking out a brand-new diary or sketchbook with a passion? But unfortunately, not all parents can afford to pack their child for school.

Autumn is a hot time not only for farmers but also for grain elevator employees. Up to 25 thousand tons of grain are stored annually during the harvesting campaign. Elevator operation is a complex process that involves the operation of many mechanisms. In addition to granaries, the complex is equipped with many special devices that weigh, receive, move, clean, dry, and ship grain. There is also its own laboratory, which performs one of the most important missions - to check the quality of the grain, which allows further determination of its fate and progress. 

According to the head of the road transport shop Yuri Enelane, the renewal of the fleet of vehicles will improve the quality of work of several subdivisions of the company. The new transport is already distributed.

Даёшь больше сосисок!

Покупать любимые продукты в увеличенном формате особенно приятно – можно сразу накормить всех! По многочисленным просьбам, мы изменили формат вашего любимого продукта. Мы очень переживаем за вас, дорогие покупатели, и хотим, чтобы всей семье хватило любимых сосисок от «Рубиком»!


During the difficult period, during the quarantine, many people in rural areas were left without earnings. It is difficult and unaffordable for some families to pack a child for school in this situation. Therefore, parents of young school children are just as happy to receive gifts as children.


As part of the formation of the younger generation's interest in chess and supporting talented children, Rubikom regularly sponsors various sports and intellectual events.


To increase exports of domestic meat products to the China foreign market, two of the country's largest and most promising enterprises were chosen to visit, one of which was Rubikom. It is not the first year the company is the undisputed leader in the agricultural industry of the Pavlodar region, thanks to the livestock complex, which is the main link in the work of the closed production cycle.


More than 600 people from Pavlodar and other cities of Kazakhstan and Russia took part in the sporting event. Our female employees were among them, and they showed excellent results! In the "Nordic Walking" discipline, on a distance of 1.6 km, Alisa Novakovskaya won 1 place. In the women's mass 3 km race, Olga Kekshina came to the finish line among the first ten - an excellent result for this kind of running.


Rubikom annually hosts several charity events to improve the quality of life of rural and urban residents in need. Traditionally, the company covers the battered population, large and low-income families, single and elderly people, families with children with disabilities. A lot of work was also done at the company during the coronavirus pandemic. Volunteers of the company repeatedly visited the villagers of the region with food aid. This year was no exception. On the eve of the Nauryz Meiramy celebration, more than a hundred families in the region received assistance in the form of food packages from the company.

Колбаски для жарки MIX
Собрались на отдых и не знаете, какой именно вид колбасок для жарки от «Рубиком» выбрать? Берите все!

Disabled war veteran Konstantin Filimonovich Volovik and his sister were caught up in a pioneer camp. Despite his advanced age, he remembers everything to the smallest detail: how he was taken prisoner as a boy, how he escaped with his friends, and how they were met by the Red Army.

Встречайте сочную новинку!
Встречайте сочную новинку от компании «Рубиком». Представляем вашему вниманию – охлажденные "Ребрышки свиные" в маринаде.
Даешь новинки!
Хотите разнообразить свой завтрак, обед или ужин? Вам обязательно нужно попробовать наши новинки - колбасу полукопченую «Ветчинную» и «Таллинскую ГОСТ». Наши технологи знают секреты создания идеальной колбасы, поэтому колбаса компании «Рубиком» такая качественная и вкусная. Но, нет предела совершенству! Чтобы удовлетворить любые вкусовые предпочтения наших дорогих покупателей, сотрудники комбината в очередной раз выпускают самые аппетитные новинки.

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, the company "Rubikom" arranged a great holiday, a real Open Air for the citizens of Pavlodar. For three hours on the city's main stage, the best DJs of Kazakhstan, namely DJ Fara, DJ Puza, and guests from Russia, everyone favorite DJ Baur, DJ NEJTRINO, and DJ Leonid Rudenko.

Больше вкусных новинок!

Компания «Рубиком» вновь радует вас своими аппетитными новинками. Наши колбасы содержат в себе только высококачественное мясо с добавлением натуральных специй. Вид и ассортимент выпускаемой продукции не оставят никого равнодушным. Благодаря богатому выбору, каждый сможет подобрать колбасу по вкусу.

Лучшие из лучших!
В канун Дня Независимости Казахстана, работники профессиональных сфер разных категорий были отмечены государственными наградами за значительный вклад в социально-экономическое и культурное развитие страны, укрепление дружбы и сотрудничества между народами, активную общественную деятельность. В том числе, удостоились государственной награды – медали «Еңбегі Үздігі» (медаль «За трудовое отличие», прим. автора) шесть сотрудников компании «Рубиком», которые добились выдающихся успехов в своей трудовой деятельности.

More than five hundred people gathered for the main celebration at the Palace of Culture named after Yestai. The guests of the event were enveloped in a pleasant atmosphere and accompanied by a good mood. There was a welcome zone with a buffet, a photo zone, and a talented Pavlodar electric violin and cello duo "Shine" in the foyer of the Palace of Culture. Everyone could get acquainted with the company's history at the photo exhibition "History with Taste," which was placed in the lobby of the building. For new employees, it was a chance to get to know the company from a different perspective, to see what it was like "before" the grand scale, to understand how much Rubikom had to go through to become a recognizable brand.


The comments on Rubikom's official Instagram page do not end. In the history of the meat plant, this campaign is called unprecedented. The manufacturer receives hundreds of thank you letters and new offers. Anyway, here's what happened...

Ко дню профессионального работника строительной отрасли руководители компании «РубиКОМ» торжественно вручили лучшим архитекторам и строителям памятные награды.

- Работники на вес золота, - так точно отметили руководители. Лучше и не скажешь. Людей, занятых в строительстве предостаточно, а вот профессионалов, надёжных и порядочных, способных думать, проявлять фантазию и притворять идеи в жизнь, очень невелико.

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